Bauer Media: Metro Radio

PHP, PHP Unit, Zend Framework 1, MySql, Doctrine, REST, SOA, TDD
Metro Radio

The Project

Bauer Media's scope for this project went well beyond a single site. They had asked us to produce an all powerful CMS was which capable of creating and syndicating content to multiple websites. In addition to syndicating articles, widgets would be shared across sites. The goal was to make the editors lives easier.

The Technology

The build consisted of multiple services, all of which an instance of the Zend Framework. One was the Site Service which was responsible for the configuration of each individual site instances. A number of other services were setup for each major data type in our architecture e.g. the Article Service. And another instance was setup which acted at the Content CMS responsible for the creation and syndication of content.

My Involvement

My role in the project was to orchestrate the Widget Service, to tie together and aggregate data from the myriad other services. This also required creating many of the widgets which are used to construct the sites various pages.