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PHP, HTML5, jQuery, CSS
Mr Hyde

The Project

Mr Hyde is a small site which serves as both the registration point and an archive for an email based newsletter aimed at young men in London. The project also features an API which allows third party services to register users and capture information such as their demographics and relative acquisition point.

The project was developed while I was working for Clock and built using their in house CMS Atrox. The project features a comprehensive reporting dashboard on the admin interface which displays various registration statistics using Google Charts.

Infinite Scrolling

One of the greatest impacts on a users perception of a websites performance is when the loading of data obstructs a users interactions with the page. To avoid this on our mobile version of the site, the necessary HTML for subsequent pages is added before the user reaches it, leaving only the image data to be downloaded. This allows users to scroll very quickly to an earlier part of the archive without hitting an invisible wall and waiting for loading times.