ShortList: Never Underdressed

Node.js, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Mongo DB, HTML, SOA, TDD
Never Underdressed

The Project

Never Underdressed was ShortList Media's rendition of a digital fashion glossy. The site presented very high-quality articles and content which aimed to participate in the rising influence of online bloggers on the fashion landscape. The project required an extremely flexible content management system to achieve a number of design goals outlined by the content editors. This project was undertaken while working for Clock.

Technical Approach

The solution we produced was built as a service oriented architecture. This enabled extensive code re-use and also allowed the various services of the application to be physically separated for hosting purposes. TDD was employed to ensure lower long-term maintenance cost, this was particularly important due to the sheer number of widgets and ways that the editors content could be displayed. The CMS was built on Backbone.js which communicated with our RESTful API to retrieve and persist data.


While the project had success early in its lifetime, the cost of editorial content, unfortunately, outweighed the revenue produced by the site and it was eventually retired.