FIM: Services Limited

Node.js, JavaScript, REST, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, TDD
Services Limited

The Project

This website has three primary functions, to act as an information resource to inform existing and potential customers, as a catalogue to display particular investment opportunities, and also provides a portal for it's current investors enabling them to inspect the details of their investments. This project was undertaken while working for Clock.

Publishing System

Due to the very large number of articles and pages on the site it required a comprehensive publishing system to enable it's users to manage their content effectively. Fortunately Clock had been working a publishing CMS which provided features which would be useful to this build.

Data Integration

One of the most difficult part of the build was identifying and retrieving the data required for the investors dashboard. This required creating a REST API which was posted to by another database system controlled by FIM. The task required a large amount of collaboration with third parties as well as producing API documentation.