High 5 Games: The Casino Engine

JavaScript, Node.js, Phaser.io, Photoshop, JSX, Performance Profiling, Mocha
The Casino Engine

The Project

The Casino Engine was a robust and flexible toolset for rapidly constructing the presentation layer for a plethora of casino style slot machine games. Often these games were re-engineered from existing assets constructed for use on land-based, Flash, and native platforms, platforms more compatible with high-quality video files than HTML5. Striking a balance between quality and compromise on HTML5 technologies was particularly challenging and we often had to push targeted hardware to its limit in order to achieve the standards we had set for ourselves.

The architecture also had to be built with unparalleled flexibility at its core. It required sufficient malleability to support a vast array of games which followed different sequences of events, different in-game features, and also operate across a spectrum of languages. At the time of the project’s conclusion, the architecture had proven capability in game production, with games often being delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.